The Exciting New Cross Country Discipline

Priory Court Farm has been holding regular Training Days for over six years now. We built our course over 25 acres of our land, including Ditches, Steps, Banks and two Water Jumps. The site at Priory Court Farm, like many other JumpCross courses, is designed to provide horse & rider with the experience of cross country without having to worry about the dangers surrounding solid fences making it safer for horse and rider. The courses are designed to challenge all levels and abilities from the seasoned competitor to the novice or nervous rider and combine the thrill of cross-country whilst demanding the skill and accuracy of show-jumping and give confidence to both horse and rider.  Training Days with a qualified, JumpCross accredited instructor provide an opportunity to gain more knowledge of the sport including rules and scoring whilst the ‘Competition Training Days’ enable the rider to combine the above with a competition over a section of the course against the clock with rosettes being awarded at the end.